{Hadith} How to Treat Your Wife in Islam Quotes – 10 Tips To Happiness

The wife is a key role in Islam. She completes half your Deen. It pays to treat your wife with kindness. This article will help you to understand how to treat your wife in Islam. This article will share the beautiful Hadith about How to Treat Your Wife In Islam, along with some quotes, and tips for a happy married life.

What is the secret to successful marriages? How can Muslims treat their wives in Islam? Here are some useful and important tips for treating your wife in Islam.

10 Useful Tips on How to Treat Your Wife in Islam

  1. The very first piece of advice would be to be like a friend to your wife. Understand her situation, help her, and care for her like a friend. In the very first place, she will feel comfortable sharing her happy times and sad times with you. The more you both get to know each other as a friend, the happier you be.
  2. Give her advice and correct her mistakes in private. Do not taunt or scold her in front of everyone. Explain to her in a gentle way privately.
  3. Give her quality time. Do not involve yourself so much in the job, take time and be with her to make her happy.
  4. Always eat food together. Feed her with your hand, especially in her hard times.
  5. Watch what you speak. Be it in anger or frustration, never utter a word that might hurt your wife. Some words can never be taken back and never be forgotten. So be careful. If you did, then be sorry and don’t repeat it.
  6. Share every happy moment with her. The more happiness you share, the happier she becomes. Apart from this, listen to her when she is upset. Be her best friend and try to solve her problems.
  7. Surprise her with gifts. Make her happy with gifts that she likes.
  8. Getting into an argument? Stay calm! Explain to her when the situation gets normal. There’s nothing wrong with being sorry, or accepting your mistakes. Even if it’s her mistake, stay calm. Arguments, abusive words, misunderstandings are caused due to the devil (Satan). Do not let the devil control your mind! This is one of the best ways to treat your wife in Islam and the secret for a happier life!
  9. Help her in cooking and cleaning at home, it’s Sunnah! Do not treat her like a servant. Be gentle, humble, and help her when she really needs you!
  10. Praise her for the effort that she takes to keep your family happy. If she fails in something, then teach her. Never scold her to taunt her, this is the worst thing to do! Respect her, and her family.

The most important thing… don’t compare your wife to other. Every person is unique in their individual characteristics, looks and nature. Look for the best in your wife, and remember her in your Dua!

These are some ways you can treat your wife in Islam to ensure a happy and peaceful marriage. Avoid bringing in egoism or a negative attitude to your marriage. This can lead to many misunderstandings, arguments, and even worse, it could cause you to lose your heart. Do not let Satan (Shaitaan) spoil your relation. Take control of your Nafs

These tips also apply to the husband. He deserves the same amount of love, respect, and care as his wife.

How to Treat Your Wife in Islam Quotes

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Importance of Wife in Islam

Your wife is an important part of your life. Your wife is there to support you every step of the way, from raising your children, to educating them, to managing your home and being there for you when you need her. A good wife will do everything to support her husband, make Dua for them, and be there in Jannah.

The wife is only half of the deen, after all!

For some, the question of “Why should she be given such importance?” may seem absurd.

The answer is simple. Think about it for a moment…

The little girl moves in with her husband and leaves her parents. She has some expectations about how she will feel in her new home. She expects her husband to take care of her, understand her during difficult times, provide protection and make her happy.

Wouldn’t it be painful for her to not get what she wants? It does, of course! A kind word is also a form of charity . So speak up and be kind.

Are you confused on how to deal with Intense Arguments? Patience is key!

If husband and wife are having ongoing arguments or disputes, one must keep silent at all costs. If one person is a firebrand, the other must be water. These are the facts.

Your wife may have anger issues, stubbornness, or mood swings. Keep calm and explain to her what you can do. There is always a solution for every problem.

Now that you are familiar with Islam’s best practices for treating your wife, you can be kind to her and let her know that she did the right decision by marrying you. You should make her feel special every day. Treat your wife so that she trusts you and becomes your friend.

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