This Is Why You Should Go To The Beach In Autumn

Many believe that when summer is over, the beach time is over. But do we realize what we’re missing out on when we believe in this false legend? The beach in autumn is just as attractive, if not more attractive, than in summer. The advantages of the beach in autumn are that the temperatures are mild and not as many people flock to the beaches as in summer. But those aren’t the only advantages of going to the beach in the fall – read on and find out more!

Good For Skin

Going to the beach in the fall is one of the most enjoyable ways to alleviate major problems. Why? Due to the iodine in sea water and in the air. So go to the beach in autumn too, your skin will thank you. The iodine content of seawater is very beneficial for oily skin types, acne and skin diseases in general. If you let the saltwater dry on the face and body, the wound healing is aided and if there are not deep wounds, they are often completely healed.

Walks Through The Sand

A walk on the beach at the water’s edge is another reason why the fall is good for your health. Light physical activity is always recommended, keeping in shape. Add the benefits of the water and the sea air to it, and you will get a rich mix of salts, minerals, and other elements, If you go to the beach in the fall, then one of the most healthy and relaxing activities you can do on the beach is one of the most important things you can do: strolling through the sand. We recommend that you walk directly along the water so that your feet are in the water and your circulation is stimulated. We must not forget that all organs of the body are reflected on the sole of the foot, and that the care of the sole is particularly significant.

Sea Breeze

The healthy sea air is another reason to enjoy the beach in autumn. Did you know that the sea air increases serotonin levels? Yes, it is this substance that is on everyone’s lips because it can affect your state of mind. It also affects other aspects of the body, such as sleep or digestion, etc. The iodine in the sea air also helps strengthen the functioning of your thyroid. And your respiratory system also stays healthy thanks to the sea air.

Reduces Stress And Anxiety

For many doctors, stress and anxiety are the diseases of the XXI century. Many people suffer from them and the sea is a natural medicine to combat them. If your work or personal problems get out of hand, then consider taking a trip to the seaside. The sound of the waves conveys a feeling of relaxation and calm. In addition, the high magnesium content of the water helps to reduce nervousness.

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